About Us

A Legacy of Showmanship

Trish a 4th generation “carnie”, grew up in North America’s largest carnival family, Conklin Shows. She was named after the founder, her grandfather Patty Conklin. Patty, a street kid from NYC, found his way to Coney Island in the early 1900’s. He sold peanuts, newspapers and herring. Patty came by this nickname, because he was “Pat” on his word. He was adopted by J.W. Conklin, owner of Clark and Conklin Shows and the rest is history.

2024 commemorated Trish’s 30th anniversary at Pier 39, for over 30 years has delighted visitors and San Francisco locals alike. Trish is so excited to share her legacy of showmanship, joy and excitement with catering at your own event.

Trish inside a tub of donuts

Creating Joy Everywhere

Trish spent her summers driving amusement-ride big-rigs, travelling in her family’s own carnival train, living under a roller-coaster which she recalls being an unbelievable upbringing. She always made sure everyone had the best time at their shows. The Conklin’s trademarked clown face “Conko”, used back in their carnival, continues to this day to smile back at Trish’s customers, as the Conko logo can be found on packaging at all of her shops and eateries. Trish chose to leave her family business to forge her own path in California, bringing her famous mini donuts to the west coast.

Trish's Mini Donuts

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A box of Mini Donuts